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1500w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine In Kitchenware Industry

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine has a wide application in Kitchen industry. most of Kitchenware customer cut max 3mm ss, 1500w can do well.

It is closed to our daily life and continue to update and rise recent years. In the kitchen processing industry, such as range hoods, gas appliances, stove panels, large-scale commercial kitchen utensils. sheet metal panels us used large.

The traditional process production requires a lot of mold, design and manufacturing cycle. It will spend a long time and high cost, but  low efficiency.

Fiber metal laser cutting machine can reduce costs and improve work efficiency to meet the kitchen industry needs. Fiber laser cutting machine in kitchenware industry.

Kitchenware Metal Laser Cutting Industry

With social and economic development, people have higher and higher demand on the daily necessities and utensils. Both require unique shape, but also requires functional and durable. The traditional processing methods such as cold punching, cold cutting, shear plate, punching and other ways. They have large pollution for environmental and have many cutting burrs. So they need do secondary processing until it able to meet the needs of customers and market. fiber metal laser cutting machine have obvious advantage in the kitchen industry.

Metal Laser Cutting Machine Advantage

1.  Fiber laser cutting machine have a series of features,such as good beam quality, high precision, small slot, low material cost, smooth cutting surface and safe operation etc. It can complete the arbitrary piece of material sheet metal cutting quickly and satisfactorily. It reduce the number of skilled workers, and eliminate the rising cost of labor costs. Meantime the work efficiency is also improved greatly. Each month we can save tens of thousands of outsourcing processing fees so that we can recover the metal laser cutting machine cost quickly.

2. Fiber laser cutting machine not only solve above problems in kitchen ware industry, but also can process of the panel samples quickly and easily. It reduce the cost of new product development and shorten the development cycle of new products.

3. Fiber laser cutting machine have very high cutting precision. It enhance the yield of range hood and gas appliance, then reduce the loss of materials. For some special-shaped molding products, it have a unique advantage.

For now,more and more customers use fiber laser cutting machine for their work. On one hand,fiber laser cutting machine can improve the working-effective, the cutting result is better. On the other hand, fiber laser cutting machine price down and down,so more customers can buy it.

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