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3000W 4000W 6000W High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine With Full Cover

Application: LASER CUTTING
Cutting Speed: 50m/min
Control Software: Cypcut
Laser Head Brand: Precitec

Product Introduction Description:

1. Comprehensive protection and humanized design

The fully enclosed laser protective glass design can prevent the laser from harming the human body. Intelligent monitoring system, real-time intelligent monitoring, reduce accident rate. The automatic dust removal system internally filters and discharges the cutting dust according to certain standards, making the process more environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

2. High-speed parallel exchange

High-speed parallel exchange table design, dual workbench exchanges at the same time, stable and reliable transmission mode. Quickly shorten the replacement time and save auxiliary time for loading and unloading. The workbench exchange can be completed within 15S.

3. New intelligent system

The new generation CNC system is more flexible in operation. Imported mature systems and servo motors, integrated independent research and development of dedicated laser cutting system. The operating system provides a rich and friendly human-computer interaction interface.

Applicable Material: Metal, SS/CS Etc
Condition: New
Laser Type: Fiber Laser
Cutting Speed: 50m/min.
Graphic Format Supported: AI, DXF, BMP, dst, DXP
Cutting Thickness: 1-25mm
Control Software: Cypcut
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Brand Name: XTLASER
Certification: ce, ISO, sgs
Laser Source Brand: IPG/RAYCUS
Laser Head Brand: Precitec
Servo Motor Brand: ANCA
Guiderail Brand: THK
Control System Brand: NACA
Key Selling Points: Automatic
Optical Lens Brand: Wavelength
Warranty: 2 years
Laser power: 1000w-6000w
Working area: 1510*3050 2030*4050 2030*6050 2530*6050

Product Features:

1. Auto-focus laser cutting head

The laser cutting head has an automatic focus function, the software can automatically quickly change different focus lenses, can automatically adjust the focus, without manual, meet the cutting of different sheet thicknesses, the operation is simple, convenient, fast and accurate.

Large adjustment range

The accuracy is 0.01mm, which is suitable for different types of printing plates of 0-20mm.

long life

The whole circumference around the focusing component is water-cooled, no heat, no fog, realizing high power, small batch and long-term cutting. Improve the service life of the laser cutting head.

2. Cast aluminum beam

The beam adopts low-pressure steel film casting process, which has high compactness, reduces the load of the servo motor and reduces inertia. The surface of the beam is smooth, complete and rigid, and has good toughness, ductility and corrosion resistance. While saving electricity bills, the operating speed of the equipment is improved.

3. Annealing process of bed

The gantry has stable structure, good rigidity and high dynamic response. After the overall annealing heat treatment, welding stress is eliminated and the machine tool is prevented from being deformed during transportation and use. The guide rail surface of the bed is integrally processed by the gantry machining center, and the flatness error of the installation surface is 0.02mm.

Cut sample:


Product Parameters:

Machine model G1530 ◆ G2040 ◆ G2060 ◆ G2560
Working area 1510*3050 ◆ 2030*4050 ◆ 2030*6050 ◆ 2530*6050
Linkage speed ≤140m/min
Accelerated speed 1.5G
Positioning Accuracy ±0.03mm
Applicable power ≤6000w
Operating Voltage 380V/50Hz

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