Crafts Application

Laser cutting machines are mainly used in the electrical industry to cut thin steel plate parts in the appearance of sheet metal parts and the installation of complete sets of electrical components. 

Nowadays, after many electrical appliances factories adopt this new technology, they have improved product quality, reduced production costs, reduced labor intensity, improved the traditional plate processing technology, and received better production benefits. 

In electrical products, metal sheet-processed parts account for almost 30% of all product parts. 

The traditional cutting, corner cutting, hole opening and trimming processes are relatively backward, which directly affects product quality and production costs.

The focus lens needs to be clean and in perfect condition at all times. If there are pollution traces on the lens, then the laser cutting process is hindered and the results are of lower quality.

Furthermore, a dirty focus lens is the main culprit for increased temperatures that may harm the laser device.

Hope the above can help you in your metal sheets cutting process, especially in CS Cutting.

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