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Cutting glass with laser - energy saving and good effect

Glass materials are widely used in flat panel display manufacturing, automobile, construction and other fields with the advantages of changeable shape, good impact resistance and controllable cost. At present, in the processing and manufacturing industry, the demand for cutting glass is increasing, and the cutting process is required to have higher precision, higher speed and greater flexibility. Although glass material has many advantages, its fragile characteristics bring many problems to the processing process, such as cracks, rough edges and so on. How to solve the processing problems of glass materials and improve the yield of products has become a common goal in the industry.




Traditional mechanical cutting methods will produce microcracks and debris along the cutting edge, which is easy to produce edge collapse. In addition, the mechanical cutting method will also produce residual stress at the cutting edge, so as to reduce the mechanical strength of the glass substrate. If the above problems are alleviated through other treatment steps, additional production time and cost will be added.


With the development of laser technology, laser glass cutting has entered the public field of vision, and has been recognized and welcomed by the market with its unique cutting advantages. Picosecond glass cutting has become one of the essential production equipment in the glass products industry. Laser cutting is a non-contact cutting process, which completely eliminates the problems of microcracks and peeling debris. In addition, laser cutting basically does not produce residual stress in the glass, so as to achieve higher edge strength, which is a great progress compared with traditional glass cutting.




Advantages of picosecond laser glass cutting


Glass laser cutting is an easy to control non-contact less pollution technology. It can ensure the advantages of neat edge, good verticality and low internal damage under high-speed cutting. Non contact processing can also avoid edge collapse, cracks and other problems. It has the advantages of high precision, no microcracks, crushing or debris problems, high edge fracture resistance, no secondary manufacturing costs such as flushing, grinding and polishing.


Picosecond ultrafast laser shows great advantages due to its extremely narrow pulse width. Using the characteristics of low thermal energy diffusion, it completes the material interruption before heat conduction to the surrounding materials, and shows a good effect in the cutting of brittle materials. The laser cutting processing method also ensures that the surrounding materials in the involved space range will not be affected in the processing process, so as to achieve the "ultra-fine" processing and ensure high-precision cutting.


Ultrafast laser interacts with materials in a very short time and a very small space. The temperature in the action area rises sharply in an instant and is removed in the form of plasma eruption, which greatly avoids the existence of thermal melting and greatly weakens and eliminates many negative effects caused by thermal effect in traditional mechanical processing. The interaction time between ultrafast laser micromachining and materials is very short, The energy is taken away instantaneously in the form of plasma, and the heat has no time to diffuse inside the material. The thermal impact is very small, and there will be no recast layer. It belongs to cold processing, showing sharp processing edges and high processing accuracy. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that ultrafast laser cutting has great advantages in screen special-shaped cutting. In addition, there is an increasing demand for curve cutting. Especially in the mobile phone manufacturing industry, manufacturers hope to produce screens with more complex geometry, so ultrafast laser has more significant advantages.







Xintian picosecond laser glass cutting machine


Xintian xtl-pc5050 picosecond laser glass cutting machine adopts picosecond filament cutting technology to directly cut through the materials. Ultra short pulse processing has no heat conduction. It is suitable for high-speed cutting of any organic and inorganic materials; Using single laser double optical path splitting technology and double laser head processing, the effect is doubled; Equipped with CCD visual scanning, automatic target grasping and positioning, offset correction and compensation, "infinite deviation correction"; Support a variety of visual positioning features, such as cross, solid circle, hollow circle, L-shaped right angle edge, image feature point, etc; Automatic cleaning, visual inspection and sorting, automatic loading and unloading system can be customized to meet the ergonomic design and make the processing "labor-saving and assured"; PSO control is adopted for cutting, with um level accuracy, and the path is synchronized with the control to realize "special-shaped cutting"; Moreover, Xintian laser can ensure the stability of each pulse and the distance between pulse points in the cutting process. At present, Xintian laser can cut edge collapse < 5 μ m. Posterior edge collapse of lobes < 10 μ m. The edge is smooth and neat, and the cutting end face is fine.








Xintian laser picosecond laser cutting machine, as a new equipment in the field of micro precision machining, has a wide range of applications. It is a cross era high-precision "knife". At present, it has entered the practical stage in the application of cutting touch display glass and mobile phone backplane glass, realizing the efficient and low-cost cutting of new glass. Practice has proved that the laser has the greatest advantage when the mechanical method can not provide the required cutting quality or characteristics, or the old method becomes too expensive due to the need for a lot of post-processing. With the deepening of people's understanding of laser cutting technology and the decline of laser price, glass laser cutting technology will have broad market application prospects in the field of glass production and processing, especially in the electronic display industry of glass substrate and the processing of thicker glass.


Xintian laser picosecond cutting machine has mature technology, excellent quality, high precision and high environmental protection. It has been put into the market to serve the majority of users. Xintian helps enterprises increase production and efficiency and take the path of green and sustainable development.