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Do you know the difference between Raycus lasers QS, Q, QE and QB?-Chenay

Do you know the difference between Raycus lasers QS, Q, QE and QB?

Fiber laser Laser engraving machine is becoming more and more popular. And the prices also keep reducing. Do you ever think about why the price keeps reducing? On the one hand, along with technology development, and the laser source is the core part of the fiber laser engraving machine, more and more laser source suppliers have the ability to produce laser sources by themselves. Several laser source brand competition, then the laser source price is going down. Then cause the machine price to go down.

Today we only talk about Raycus laser source. Raycus brand laser source now is famous in the world. But Raycus laser source has many series, different series different prices. Did you ever have confusion about Raycus QE series, Q series, QB series and QS series? If yes, so let's figure it out.

I made a chart. This chart only talks Raycus Q switched laser source.

As we can see, 20W has QS, QE, and QB series; 30W has QS, Q, and QB series. If you find any 30w laser source with a QE tag, then it must be fake. Below is the photo of the Raycus laser source:

QS Raycus laser source:

QS type laser source size is smaller than other series, color is blue. This size is almost the same as the IPG laser source size. Also, this is the newest version of the Raycus laser source in 2019. This is the cheapest model of the Raycus laser source. In the market, some laser engraving machine suppliers that sell very lower price all with this type of laser source.

Q/QE/QB Raycus laser source outlook like this:

Q, QE, and QB laser source outlook almost same. It is hard to tell from the outlook. We only can check that is QB or Q or QE from the laser source tag, like this type tag:
From the serial number, we can see this laser source is new or not.

WXP means WuXi production. Raycus laser source company separate the low power laser source products from the headquarters. It means low power laser source production in WUXI city and high power laser source production still in WUHAN city.

2007 means: the production year 2020; production month: July.

03180 means the specific serial number

If you need Raycus 50w or 100w laser engraving machine, you needn't worry too much because 50w and 100w now only have one type. If the supplier is honest and won't provide you the fake laser source. Then you can only check other specs. of the laser engraving machine.

If you need 20w or 30w, then you should pay more attention to the laser source. Because 20w and 30w all have 3 different types. You'd better get laser source photos and tag before you place an order. Laser source as the most important part of the whole laser engraving machine, I think you can try to consider a better quality even you need to pay a little extra money. Once your laser source has problems, it will take a lot of time to repair it or change a new machine.

But it doesn't mean you choose a better laser source, then it won't break. It just will reduce the broken rate. My own idea for your information.

Quality for 20w and 30w Raycus Q switch laser source:

(from the not quite good to the better one)



The price difference is not quite big, how to choose, it all depends on you.


This market changes quickly, and this article only for this moment. But I will keep posting if I have any updates. I already in this field for more than 8 years, if you have any questions, you also can ask me free