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Exchange Work Table Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1000w For Metal Cutting

Laser Type: Fiber Laser
Cutting Speed: 0-40000mm/min
Laser Head Brand: Raytools
Laser power: 1000W / 2000W / 3000W/4000W/ 5000W/6000W

Product Descriptions

1. High-rigidity and heavy-duty chassis reduces the vibration generated during high-speed cutting.

2. Gantry double transmission structure, imported German rack and pinion transmission system, improve production efficiency.

3. High-performance cast aluminum guide rail, after unlimited analysis, speeds up the arc cutting speed.

4. The workbench is open, easy to operate, and small footprint.

5. High precision, fast speed, minimum slits, heat affected zone, smooth cutting surface and no burrs.

6. The laser cutting head will not contact the surface of the material, nor will it scratch the workpiece.

7. The gap is the narrowest, the heat-affected zone is the smallest, the local deformation of the workpiece is small, and there is no mechanical deformation.

8. It has good processing flexibility, can process any pattern, and can cut pipes and other profiles.

9. Non-deformable cutting can be performed on any hardness material, such as steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate and cemented carbide.

Why Choose XTLASER

16 years of industry experience, strict production process and testing

XTLASER has obtained a series of certifications, CE, FDA, ISO9001, SGS, and patent certificates

Two customized professional and technical teams

Professional technical training and consulting services

Technical Parameters of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Working Area 1500*3000mm
Fiber laser generator 1000W-6000W Raycus(Optional:Germany IPG Laser 1000W-6000W)
Wavelength 1064nm
Cutting speed 0-15m/min(depending on material and thickness)
Positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Repositioning accuracy ±0.01mm
Eauipment power 16KW/18KW
Water cooling System Constant temperature water chiller CW62000
Power supply 380V/3P/50Hz
Location system Red dot indicator
Running Environment Temperature -10℃~45℃
Machine Dimension 1800*3300*1600mm

Features and advantages of metal laser cutting machine:

1. Maintenance-free, low operating cost, low power consumption;

2. Imported IPG laser generator, stable performance, life can reach 80,000-100,000 hours;

3. High efficiency, the fastest plate cutting speed can reach 15m/min, high processing accuracy, beautiful appearance and beautiful blade; 

4. Professional programmable CNC control system, reliable, easy to operate with man-machine interface;

5. High-damping planer type machine tool, high-precision servo system, stable and reliable;

6. Optional accessories: automatic feeding platform, saving time and effort. Au3Tech control system

7.Taiwan Apex Gear Rack

Taiwan ABBA gear rack

China Raycus1000w-6000w fiber laser generator (optional: German made IPG 1000W-6000W)

Serrated workbench

Wireless remote assistance

Delta servo motors and drives with Japan Reducer

Positioning system: red dot indicator

Au3Tech laser cutting head + auto focus function

Taiwan Hiwin square rail

Japan NSK Beraring# Industrial CW6200 Chiller

Heavy-duty body frame thickness, more than 2200kgs

380V / 3P / 50H (optional: 415V / 3P / 50H)

The best laser cutting metal solution:

1.High cutting speed: Under the same power, the cutting speed is 2-3 times that of CO2 laser cutting machine.

2.High Stable Running: Top brand fiber laser, stable performance, service life up to 100,000 hours

3.Excellent Beam Quality: Small focus diameter, high work efficiency, high cutting quality

4.Flexible Light Guide Effect: Small size, compact structure, easy and flexible processing requirements

5.Easy Operation /Maintenance: Optical fiber transmission does not require reflective lenses, no need to adjust the optical path, saving a lot of maintenance costs 

6.Low Electric Power Consumption: It is 20%-30% of traditional CO2 laser cutting machine

Pre-Sale Service: 

1. Free sample cutting service: free sample cutting/testing, please send your CAD file to us, we will cut in our factory and make a video to show you the cutting process and results, or send the sample to you To check the cutting quality. 

2. Continuously evolving solution design: According to customers' product processing requirements, we can design unique solutions to support higher production efficiency and better processing quality.

3. Customized machine design:According to customer's application, we may revise our machine according to customer's convenience and high production efficiency. 

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