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Fiber Laser Rust Cleaning Machine Price 100w 200w 300w

Cleaning efficiency(m2/h): 5/9/20
Cooling Type: Water cooling
Motion type: Handheld
Pulse Frequency: 10-50KHz

Product introduction description: 

1. Efficient and effective

Stable cleaning efficiency, no chemical cleaning liquid, automation

2. Control system

Concise and clear interface, easy to operate, multiple parameter settings, easy to control laser source and lens.

3. Real-time monitoring of cleaning quality

Real-time monitoring of cleaning effects. Precise cleaning, precise location, precise size and selective cleaning

Product properties:

Condition: New
Applicable Material: STAINLESS STEEL, Carbon Steel, aluminum, wood, STONE, Metal, leather, RUBBER
Laser Type: Fiber Laser
Certification: ce, fda, ISO 9001:2000
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: XT LASER
Dimension(L*W*H): 850mm*700mm*880mm
Laser Source Brand: Raycus/IPG
Weight (KG): 140 KG
Key Selling Points: Easy to operate
Warranty: 2 years
Operate voltage: 220v/50-60Hz
Pulse Frequency: 10-50KHz
Cable length: 5m
Scanning Width (mm): 10-100mm
Handheld cleaning Speed: 1000-8000mm/s
Cooling Type: Water cooling
Motion type: Handheld
Head Weight: 3Kg
Power(W): 100w/200w/300w/500w

Product features :

1. Hand-held cleaning head

Hand-held structure is simple, easy to carry

Easy to operate, detachable flexible front end for auto focus.

2. Do not damage the parts matrix.

Precise positioning without damaging the part matrix. The laser cleaner can clean the surface of very sensitive materials (such as aluminum, carbon, stainless steel, carbon fiber reinforced polymers or coating materials) without damaging the material.

3. Ecological and environmental protection

High cleanliness cleanliness, precise positioning, protect the surface of brittle materials. Effectively remove micron-level pollution particles. Safe and environmentally friendly, no consumables. The laser cleaning machine does not use chemical cleaning fluid, which avoids the damage to the material caused by chemical corrosion.


Model No RFL-7C-0050 ◆ RFL-7C-0070 ◆ RFL-7C-0100 ◆ RFL-7C-0200
Wavelength 1064mm
Pulse frequency 20-100KHz ◆ 20-100KHz ◆ 20-200KHz ◆ 20-500KHz
Cooling way Air ◆ Air ◆ Air ◆ Water
Cooling water Deionized water
Water temperature 19℃
physical dimension 760*780*790mm ◆ 1100*950*700m
Machine weight 56kg ◆ 60kg ◆ 65kg ◆ 130kg(Water tank)
Power consumption 350W ◆ 500W ◆ 600W ◆ 1000W
Laser working medium Yb-doped fiber
Scan width 10-60mm
Optional Handheld ◆ Automatic
Operation ambient air temperature range 5-40℃

Sample image :

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