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High Performance Desktop Laser Marking Machine Service

Marketing Type: Ordinary Product
Marking Area: 110mm*110mm
Weight (KG): 90 KG
Warranty: 2 years

Product introduction description: 

Difference of 20w 30w 50w laser power

20w fiber laser marking machine:

The most hot selling system by lowest price advantage. 

Especially on plastic and hard metals, it occurs perfect results.

Automotive, packing, kitchenware equipment, hand tools sectors are main ways preferred on F20

30w fiber laser marking machine:

Suitable for job shops and people who needs more power. 

One upper level then marking towards cutting. 

Especially for cutting, this is the first machine fits your requirement to cut.

50w fiber laser marking machine:

Do deep engraving, micro cutting, marking and 3D engraving perfect. 

Mostly preferred by jewelry sector, F 50 creates 40% more effective results according to its competitors. One of the fastest model in market.

Details table:

Working life 100,000 Hours Voltage 220V
Laser source Raycus, IPG Application metal marking
Glavo head Sino, Sunny, Scanlab Certification CE, FDA, ISO
Power 20w 30w Warranty 2 years
Item Name color marking Function metal engraving
Working size 110*110mm/200*200mm Wavelength 1064nm


Cut image :

Advantages of fiber laser marking machine

1) Under the operating system: windows xp, windows 7, windows 8/10

2) Support characters, numbers, serial numbers, date codes

3) Support various fonts. Such as TrueType, JSF (single line font), DMF (dot matrix font, one-dimensional barcarole, two-dimensional barcarole, etc.)

4) Support common image types. (Bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png, tif...)

5) Support general vector images. (Ai, dxf, dst, plt...)

6) The highest elector-optical conversion efficiency, up to 80%, but the total power is less than 600W

7) High precision, suitable for fine processing of all metals and some non-metals.

8) Small size, stable, no maintenance, easy to operate

9) Flexible variable text: Change the text in real time during laser processing. Support Excel data sheet.

10) This machine adopts fiber laser, high elector-optical conversion rate, good laser beam quality, air-cooled cooling, compact size, low power and good energy saving effect.

11) Demotic and imported fiber laser source.

12) Excellent optical mode, long service life, up to 100,000 HS

13) The divergence angle is about a quarter of that of the pumped laser semiconductor, especially for precise and fine marking, with low cost and elector-optical conversion efficiency as high as 30%.

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