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How to judge the quality of machine through machine process-Chenay

how to judge the quality of machine through machine process-Chenay

We know the machine quality is very important for customers,especially overseas customers.
Because of we are far distance, Most of customers worried the machine quality and service.
XT LASER also pays great attention to the quality of the machine.
We believe the good quality and service can attract more potential customers for us.
We believe good machine will pass from mouth to mouth from customers.

Here are our machine precision process
1. Machine body need to through large portal milling machine, it can make sure the machine precision:
2. When the machine body produce well, we will also test for the beam to confirm the beam precision.

3. For the machine rack and pinion and guider installation, also need to test the precision.

4. Even the machine small parts which need to install into the machine need to use the tools to confirm the precision:

5.When engineer install the machine will care and do their best for every machine.

6. When the machine product well, engineers will test the machine and make sure the machine cutting effect and precision.