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Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine With CE ISO Certificate

Maximum length of pipe : 3m/6m
Laser power: 1000W-4000W
Position Accuracy: 0.05mm
Brand Name: xtlaser


Model Child
T160 T220
Basic Information Pipe size range
Round tubeØ20-Ø160
Square Tube Cutting Scope15-110
Round tubeØ20-Ø160
Square Tube Cutting Scope15-110
Pipe requirements
Stainless steel, carbon steel Stainless steel, carbon steel
cutting length:
3m/6m 3m/6m
Maximum tube weight
100Kg 16Kg/m 200Kg 30Kg/m
Shortest remaining material
150mm 150mm
Working Area
7960×1040×1700 7960×1040×1700
Weight (KG):
2150Kg 2250Kg
X/Y-axis positioning accuracy
±0.03mm ±0.03mm
X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy ±0.02mm ±0.02mm
Maximum speed of chuck
130r/min 130r/min
Laser Output Power 1500w/1000w

Based on the market, XTLASER focuses on the practical application positioning of the industry, and meets the development needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Processing enterprises are launching T series intelligent laser tube cutting machines. As the name suggests, this series of pipe cutting machines are "smart",

"Efficient" and "easy to operate". It has the advantages of high stability, high cost performance and strong practicability. It can meet the needs of different pipe cutting.

Its performance covers all the pipeline processing technology needs of small and medium enterprises, with low investment and high return, helping small and medium enterprises to improve their pipeline processing capabilities.

Features :

1.Pneumatic chuck design


The front and rear chuck clamping design, automatically adjust the center, suitable for various pipes, the diagonal adjustment range is 20~300mm. It can process super large diameter pipes and the chuck rotates at a high speed, which can improve the processing efficiency.


2. Cypcut control system

XTLaser T series smart tube laser cutting machine is equipped with Cypcut control system, supports CNC language programming and graphics import cutting, and has a powerful process database to ensure the stability and high precision of the production process.

3. Servo motor

The system is equipped with a servo motor, the motor can be operated after the start, without having to zero, without worrying about a power failure, you can also use a key to restore the cutting operation.

Parameter table:

Cutting Area: 1500*3000mm
Maximum length of pipe 3m/6m
Chuck feeding shaft speed 90m/min
Graphic Format Supported: AI, BMP, dwg, DXF, PLT
CNC or Not: YES
Cooling Mode: AIR COOLING
Control Software: Cypcut
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Laser Source Brand: Ipg
Cutting Thickness: 18 mm
Brand Name: xtlaser
Certification: ce, ISO, sgs
Laser Head Brand: RayTools
Guiderail Brand: Taiwan
Servo Motor Brand: Yaskawa/Fuji
Control System Brand: CypCut
OEM: Yes
Laser power: 1000W-4000W
Position Accuracy: 0.05mm
Repostion Accuray: 0.03mm
Working Voltage: 380V 3 PHASE 50hz/60hz
Function: Cutting Metal Materials
Model: XT-1530
Type: welding square tube
Working area: 1500mmX3000mm 2000mmX4000mm 2000mmX6000mm
Supply Ability: 30 Set/Sets per Quarter
Port Qingdao port


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