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Stainless Steel Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Price For Metal Sheet

Cooling Mode: AIR COOLING
Cutting Area: 1500*3000mm
Laser Head Brand: RayTools
Port: Qingdao port


Application: LASER CUTTING
Applicable Material: Metal
Laser Type: Fiber Laser
Cutting Area: 1500*3000mm
Cutting Speed: 0~30m/min
Maximum linkage speed: 140m/min
Graphic Format Supported: AI, BMP, dwg, DXF, PLT
positioning accuracy: 0.03mm
CNC or Not: YES
Cooling Mode: AIR COOLING
Control Software: Cypcut
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Laser Source Brand: Ipg
Brand Name: xtlaser
Certification: ce, ISO, sgs
Laser Head Brand: RayTools
Guiderail Brand: HIWIN
Control System Brand: CypCut
Weight (KG): 4300 KG
Laser power: 1000W-6000W
Working Voltage: 380V 3 PHASE 50hz/60hz
Function: Cutting Metal Materials
Model: XT-1530
Type: welding square tube
Working area: 1500mmX3000mm 2000mmX4000mm 2000mmX6000mm
Supply Ability: 30 Set/Sets per Quarter
Port Qingdao port

1. Using gantry type double rack and pinion, double servo motor transmission structure, high inertia, strong torque output, maximum acceleration up to 1.0G, effectively improving the production efficiency of customers;

2. The beam is made of aluminum profile finishing process, with light weight, high rigidity and good dynamic performance;

3. The laser electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, which can greatly save power consumption and achieve high production efficiency;

4. Equipped with automatic focus function, a complete cutting process database makes the operation more intelligent and convenient;

5. With function test, automatic diagnosis, fault isolation, fault analysis and data display system, fast troubleshooting can effectively reduce the cost of after-sales service;

Industry Application

As one of the classic models, 3015 fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in life and is closely related to people's daily life. Mainly used for cutting various metal plates: stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized plate, electrolytic plate, brass, aluminum, various alloy plates, rare metals and other metal materials.


1. Cypcut CNC control software

In addition to English, we also have professional Russian, Spanish, Korean, and Arabic.

2. Laser source options

Raycus: 500W, 750W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000w, 3000W, 4000W

IPG: 500W, 700W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 4000W,

Different laser cutting thickness, material and output, the laser power is different.

3. Machine size

3000 * 1500mm, 4000 * 1500mm, 4000 * 2000mm, 6000 * 2000mm

Single cutting table and exchange cutting table, automatic feeding shuttle table, closed work table, open work table, plate tube cutting table, tube cutting machine.


1 Machine Name Metal Plate Fiber Laser cutting machine
2 Model 1530
3 Laser machine cutting area 3000x1500mm
(Other size can be customized,such as 4500x1500/6000x1500/6000x2000mm)
4 Fiber Laser Power 500w/750w/1000/1500/2000/3000
(Auto focus cutting head is recommended over 2000w,

5 Laser wave length 1064nm
6 Transmission system Gear + rails
(we have standard brand,we can also produce as your requirements)
7 X.Y axis location accuracy ±0.01mm
8 X.Y axis repeat location accuracy ±0.01mm
9 X.Y axis max moving speed 30m/min
10 Max cutting speed 1--30m/min
(it will according to metal material and laser power and machine configuration)
11 Cutting thickness Detailed in the following cutting thickness
12 Application Material Metal sheet/Plate
Iron/CS/SS/Aluminum/Copper and all kinds metal
13 Advantages >Excellent beam quality
>Simple , compact, electrically and optically efficient
>Compatibly powerful and reliable
>Maintenance free
>multilingual, more than 11 foreign languages
>2 years warranty .

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