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Before understanding the structure of the high-power fiber laser cutting machine, you must first know the working principle of the high-power laser cutting machine. The fiber laser cutting machine emits laser light from a laser. Through the designed laser light path, it is focused into a high-power laser beam and projected to On the workpiece, make the workpiece to be laser cut reach the ignition point or waste electricity, and at the same time blow away the molten metal by high-pressure gas.

Through the working principle of the high-power fiber laser cutting machine, it is not difficult to see that, first of all, its important components are laser, laser head, worktable, XYZ three-axis guide, gas storage equipment, controller, etc., of course, there is also an important accessory --Distribution Cabinet. Let's take a closer look at the components and functions of the high-power fiber laser cutting machine:

Machine tool: The machine tool part mainly includes cutting platform and guide rail. The cutting platform is mainly used to place the workpiece to be cut. The guide rail is mainly used to plan the XYZ three-axis mechanical movement of the laser cutting head.

Laser: A laser is a device that generates a laser light source.

Laser optical path: The laser optical path is composed of a large number of refracting mirrors and reflecting mirrors, which are mainly used to guide the laser light emitted by the laser to the required line of defense.

Laser head: project laser light onto the workpiece to be cut, and release gas to assist cutting.

Power distribution cabinet: The main function of the power distribution cabinet is to distribute power, stabilize voltage, and prevent voltage instability from affecting the cutting effect.

Water cooler: used to cool the laser, take away the heat generated by the laser when the electric energy is converted into light energy, and ensure the normal operation of the laser. In addition, the water cooler will also cool the refractor and reflector in the laser light path to prevent the lens from bursting due to excessive temperature.

Gas storage equipment: provide auxiliary gas such as compressed air.

Protective cover: High-power light laser cutting machine is a kind of cutting equipment, which will produce sound, light and air pollution during its use. The protective cover effectively prevents these pollution. There is an acrylic glass window on the main body, which can be used to observe the production process.

Slag discharge machine: used to remove leftovers and wastes generated during processing.

Control system: The control system is mainly used to plan the cutting route and output power of the high-power fiber laser cutting machine.