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Two main characteristics of laser cutting machine

Two main characteristics of laser cutting machine

We all know that the laser cutting machine has many advantages. In the process of operation, it can be very convenient. It can simply help us to cut, so that we can get a better cutting seam. The following content, let us understand Two main characteristics of the laser cutting machine:

1. It can be processed without contact

We all know that some steel plates are very thin and easy to corrode, and people are not allowed to touch other objects with their hands. This requires our non-contact processing. When cutting, if other methods are used, It may make this item very easy to rust, thus affecting the quality of the entire workpiece. When our laser cutting is performed again, there is no need to touch it. As long as the laser is irradiated to the surface, it can be cut. It can be very convenient and very clean to cut our objects without affecting us. The overall quality of the material.

2. Small processing stress

When processing, grinding wheel cutting may cause certain stress to the entire object. For example, when cutting steel, the part cut by the grinding wheel will have strong cutting stress in the middle and edge areas, so that we will make future workpieces. Among them, it may have an impact on the safety and applicability of the entire workpiece, but our laser cutting will not be able to quickly melt and vaporize our objects through high temperatures, so that the objects are cut, and the quality can be very good. It is guaranteed to be safe, and it can be cut without profit.

These two points are the most important characteristics of laser cutting machines. These are some places that other methods cannot surpass. So many people are now using laser cutting machines.

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