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Why to choose XT laser -Chenay

Why to choose XT laser -Chenay

important problem about warranty and after sales service when buy laser cutter from oversea.

  1. We offer 2 years warranty for whole machine.

 If any parts breakdown, then need replace and repair, we will do it freely.
Also we have online service engineer guide client how to use machine and inspect the trouble.
Support service online
1.We have professional service team, video chat by wechat, remote calling and etc more ways,
to be used for serving customers.
2.After you receive the machine, we will built a chatting group online for further to use,
you can post any problems, they will help you solve it in time.
3.Our engineers can speak English, so can communicate with you or your clients directly.
Most of problems can be solved within short time, and our customers were satisfied with it.
It's also our special service, nearly no company can supply same service.


We send professional engineers to clients' place to help install the machine and train workers.
We design specially to convenient for clients, all the joints are marked, so you will easily to find and install.