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How To Maintain Fiber Laser Cutting Machines?-Wilson

How To Maintain Fiber Laser Cutting Machines?

When using fiber laser machines to cut projects, it is necessary to learn the use and maintenance skills, in order to better exert the effectiveness of the equipment and maximize the efficiency of the equipment. 

1. Check the steel belt frequently to ensure the tension. Otherwise, if something goes wrong during operation, people may be injured and serious death may result. The steel belt looks like a small thing, but the problem is still a bit serious. 

2. Check the straightness of the track and the verticality of the machine every six months, and find that it is abnormal and timely maintenance and debugging. Without this, the effect of cutting may not be very good, the error will increase, affecting the cutting quality. This is the top priority and must be done. 

3. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck off the dust and dirt in the machine once a week. All electrical cabinets should be closed and dustproof. 

4. The guide rails should be cleaned frequently to remove dust and other debris, to ensure that the equipment racks are cleaned frequently, and lubricating oil is added to ensure lubrication without debris. The guide rail should be cleaned and lubricated frequently, and the motor should also be cleaned and lubricated frequently, the machine can move better during cutting, cut more accurately, and the quality of the cut product will improve. 

5. The dual focal length laser cutting head is a fragile item on the laser cutter. Long-term use will cause damage to the laser cutting head. Fiber laser cutter needs regular inspection and maintenance. If there is deformation or other forms, you should know that the laser cutting head has been damaged a little at this time, and you need to replace it. Failure to replace will affect the cutting quality and increase the cost, and some products may need to be reprocessed to reduce production efficiency.