Laser cutting machines for metal types, features, selection rules

Laser cutting machines for metal types, features, selection rules

Laser cutting is one of the most popular and technologically advanced methods of processing sheet materials. The technology is characterised by the highest precision, productivity and quality, which makes it an indispensable part of the production process in many industries. Laser cutting is performed by means of special equipment which is called laser cutting machines. The modern market offers several types of such machines, each of which has its own advantages.


Laser cutting advantages


High quality characteristics of laser machines find their application in auto-, ship-, aircraft engineering, metallurgy and construction industry. Laser cutting technology is used in manufacturing of electrical and home appliances, lifts, sea containers, advertising and construction metal constructions, etc.


In comparison with existing methods of metal processing the laser has an impressive list of advantages.


clean cut - products do not need any further processing, they can be directly welded or painted;

precision - the diameter of the beam is so small that it is possible to make through holes of the same diameter as the material thickness;

high productivity - the laser cutting speed may reach up to 50 m/m

minimum waste and lower material contamination due to non-contact technological process

quality of the produced material - the machine is controlled by the program which minimizes the risk of defectiveness, guaranteeing a complete identity of the serial production;

Low consumable costs.

With a laser machine you can make products with any complex outline. And all this with minimum costs and almost total automation of the process.


Types of laser cutting machines


Laser cutting equipment is classified based on the type of laser that is used. Each type is geared towards a specific task. The most popular in modern production facilities are:conventional CO2 lasers - pass electricity through a gas-filled resonator, mirrors are used to feed and focus the beam;Solid state lasers - operate with fiber technology which generates a beam through a series of laser diodes which is then fed through optical fibers.

Compared to CO2 lasers, fibre lasers are more efficient, but also more expensive. In the case of thicker metals, CO2 lasers are still the best choice. In addition to affordability, the technology has the advantage of being on the market longer, being more familiar and affordable.




Laser Cutting machine Selection criteria

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a laser metal cutting machine. These include the thickness of the metal to be cut and the production tasks to be performed. The quality of the bed, gas cleaning and fume extraction systems should also be taken into consideration.


Service and technical support are also an important part of the selection - a cost-effective purchase of such an expensive machine is only possible if it is continuously in operation.

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