Open Type Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting is the best cutting method among various cutting technologies that people have mastered today. Compared with traditional cutting, laser cutting has the advantages of: small thermal deformation, high cutting accuracy, low noise, no pollution, easy to realize automatic cutting, Processing cost is 50% less than mechanical processing.China's best quality open type laser cutting machine manufacturer and supplier, factory price of open type laser cutting machine.

Advantages and characteristics of open type laser cutting machine:

1. The bed is a welded structure, aging treatment after annealing, and then rough machining, finishing, can completely eliminate welding and machining stress, good rigidity, high precision.

2. The beam adopts high-strength aluminum alloy structure, which is light in weight and good in dynamic performance.

3. Using high-precision transmission originals and imported servo motors to achieve high-precision and high-speed cutting.

4. One-piece design, saving space, simple and easy to use.

5. Low-cost compact solutions, excellent customer return on investment experience.